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1. I didn’t get tickets for the first show dates, what can I do now?
Don’t worry, more shows will be announced next month, anyone who already pre-ordered to register for early access will still be eligible and we’ll email you with updates.
2. When will the early access to tickets begin?
Early access for the first round of tickets is now closed but more shows will be announced next month.
3. Am I guaranteed a ticket If I pre-order the album?
Tickets are not guaranteed with your album pre-order. We are providing early access and tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

More early access codes and instructions will be sent to all qualifying customers the day before early access begins.
4. How do I take part in the early access for the upcoming Royal Blood shows?
Pre-order the album from the official store to register for early access to tickets for upcoming Royal Blood shows. No purchase necessary in the UK, click here to register without pre-ordering.
5. How many tickets can I purchase during early access?
All shows have a limit of 2 tickets per code for UK shows, 4 tickets per code outside of the UK.
6. If I place more than one pre-order, will I get additional codes?
You will receive one code per order.
7. What if I pre-order from a different retailer or store, do I qualify for early access to tickets?
To qualify for early access you must pre-order from the official store directly.
8. What if I have more questions about early access or my order?
Contact us here if you have any other questions related to your order or early access.